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Generation Pound is a youth-oriented program that fuses movement and music to improve focus, coordination, physical fitness and teamwork skills. Bu combining exercise and interactive activities, kids will learn new ways to explore movement, embrace their creativity and ROCK OUT- ultimately building strength, confidence and self-awareness! Lisa Pepper is bringing this new class to Ocean County!!!
2 classes: ages 6-12 and ages 12 and up!

Young Adult Yoga w/Nikki

Ages 18-25. This class focuses on an introduction to yoga, meditation, and healthy living with a bit of a kick to it. More than just the basics, work on core strength, balance and more!

Family Yoga

Bring the kids, grandparents, parents! Every other Saturday in the summer! Fun yoga poses, balancing, partner poses, group poses..and ending with a calming relaxation guided meditation.


Beginner’s Yoga Series for Adults


Ever wanted to try yoga but felt “I’m not flexible enough”? Or “that just looks too hard”? Then this program is for you.  In just six short weeks, you will be able to flow through a vinyasa and stand tall in warrior poses.  This beginner’s series will lead you through all the basic principles of yoga and show you how to get into and modify shapes to suit your body and ability.  By the end, you’ll be ready and able to take a full yoga class without worrying if you’re doing it right!

Yoga is amazing for not just the body, but the mind as well. Through this introduction to the practice, you can explore what areas that work for you both physically and mentally in a safe space.  We’ve all been new to something at one time or another; here, you’ll be able to explore without feeling like you’re being judged or not fitting the mold. Yoga is a personal practice, a personal journey. Come start that journey with us.


A vision board is a great tool for teaching children about goal setting. Goal setting is an important life skill that is never too early to start developing. Learning to set goals teaches children to take responsibility for themselves. Goal setting also builds self-confidence. When children reach their goals, they learn to believe in their abilities and are more likely to set new goals for themselves in the future. Children can use vision boards to keep them motivated and focused as they work toward their goals.

The act of creating a vision board provides your child with the space to focus on and creatively express their interests, passions, hopes and dreams. Through this process your child becomes an active participant in the creation of their future while getting excited about having goals, communicating them, and making them real. Your child’s vision board can also help you (as their parent or guardian) understand what they truly want, and who they are.

The process of creating a vision board is life affirming, life changing, empowering, and FUN!



RoCk the ScHoOl YeAr SeRiEs!



  • Is your child anxious about going back to school?
  • Does your child have a hard time with transitions?
  • Was last year a challenging school year for your son or daughter?
  • Has your child experienced bullying at school?
  • Does your child have a hard time concentrating or focusing on schoolwork?
  • Concerns about a new teacher or making new friends?

Our “RoCk the ScHoOl YeAr SeRiEs” is designed to help your child take on the school year like the RoCk StAr that they are:

  • Poses of empowerment
  • Breathing – how to, benefits, various types of breath work
  • Healthy coping – Your child will be exposed to various types of coping strategies (or supportive measures) that can be taken during the school day, before school, and/or after school.
  • Group dynamic – your child will have the opportunity to share, prepare, and collaborate with other children. The group provides them with an opportunity to work together, share stories, make new friends, and support or help one another. This can be incredibly empowering, comforting, and liberating for kids.
  • A safe place for kids to build confidence & express themselves in various ways
  • Self-compassion, Kindness, Empathy, Gratitude, Love, Voice, and Happiness (age-appropriate)
  • Art & Crafts – All projects are designed to enhance sense of self, self-awareness and feelings, understanding of values, build confidence, and recognize their individual beauty.



ART & YOGA     

Art & Yoga is a unique class designed for kids to express themselves through art and yoga. This class is an amazing experience for kids 5-18!






Baby & Me Yoga

6 weeks- pre walkers. Bond, breathe & create community for new mommy’s/caregivers. Baby lead yoga helps to soothe and create stability and balance with your baby.  Baby & Me Yoga is gives new moms the ability to bond with their baby and be a part of a community of other new moms/ caregivers. This class is baby lead which means that if you baby needs to be fed, nursed, soothed or diaper changed throughout class, that is perfectly fine! This class mostly focuses on self care for mommy/caregiver and connecting with your baby by stretching, strengthening, connecting to breath, and taking time to reconnect to your physical body. This allows you to become a better caregiver to you, your baby, and your family. This class consists of stimulating music, song, stretching, relaxation, and bonding with your baby. Classes are 45 minutes.

Balanced Body


Ages 9-12.  Balanced Body offers yoga poses to balancing the body and learning about the chakra systems to learn how to balance our own energy systems.  Learn how to journal to keep track of emotions and how the body is feeling. Class ends with a guided mediation to bring peace and balance to the body!



Little Yogis

This class is designed for preschool children ages 3-5. Yoga poses, games, activities, themed classes, relaxation, and breathing exercises. Preschoolers love movement, working on yoga postures, working with partners or in teams, and love to challenge themselves. They are recognizing the concepts of self regulation, self esteem, kindness, compassion, honesty, love and so much more! This class focuses on adventure, stories, songs, yoga poses, team work, balancing, coordination, focusing, and breathing techniques. All classes begin with breathing and end with relaxation and a guided meditation. Classes are 1 hour

No Pre-registration needed. Drop in


Mommy & Me

Class designed for Walkers – age 3. Parent participation encouraged but not required if your child can follow directions. This class allows toddlers to experience stories, singing and stretching. Their minds are rapidly developing and they are drawn to activities that stimulate their brains and body movement. As they are beginning to recognize their body, we are able to connect that with breathing, balancing, coordination, balancing, focusing and concentration. This class allows for toddlers to begin to experience routine and repetition, turn taking, and waiting. They are able to experience all of this side by side with mommy/caregiver to promote a fun, playful, bonding and trusting relationship. All classes begin with breathing and end with relaxation, which is the key to children learning how to self regulate and self soothe. Classes are 45 minutes.

No Pre-registration needed. Drop in


Big Yogis

Yoga poses, lesson-themed class, activity, and relaxation. lessons focus on getting along with others, self esteem, emotion regulation, focus, cooperation, following directions..and more! Ages 5-10

No Pre-registration needed. Drop in



Yoga poses, lesson-themed classes, activities, partner poses, relaxation. Lessons focus on self love, acceptance, self esteem, getting along with others…and more!  Ages 9-12

No Pre-registration needed. Drop in



Yoga poses, lesson-themed classes, activity, relaxation. lessons focus on self esteem, acceptance, self love,,and more! Ages 13-18

No Pre-registration needed. Drop in


This class is designed with siblings and parents/guardians in mind! Mixed ages allows modeling of appropriate behaviors, partner poses, and large group activities.

No Pre-registration needed. Drop in

Yoga 4 Kids Birthday Parties, they’re OMazing!       

Our birthday parties are OVERFLOWING with FUN, LOVE, KINDNESS, and POSITIVE VIBES ONLY! At Yoga 4 Kids, no party is the same. We plan each party around the age and interests of the celebratory yogi. Each party involves breath work, yoga poses, games, relaxation and of course……TONS of yoga fun!
Yoga birthday parties can be scheduled at your home or at our studio location.

See our options for party packages and themes below. Don’t see what you’re looking for?
Let us know…we will incorporate your ideas or create something new just for your child!

Yoga in Your Home Birthday Party Package A
Enjoy 1- hour of free spirited, interactive yoga class with a certified yoga instructor at your home. Children/Teens are encouraged to explore and discover the mind and body in a safe and enjoyable way. They are given the opportunity to express themselves freely through the art of yoga. Children/Teens will have the opportunity to explore greater concentration, awareness, and cooperation through carefully guided yoga based play activities. We are certain they will leave with a smile on their face, a sense of accomplishment, and a renewed sense of wellbeing, from the inside out!
Recommended for ages 6 and up.
Please email for pricing

Yoga & Art Party Package B
Enjoy 1-hour of free spirited, interactive yoga class with a  certified yoga instructor, a half hour of craft time, (which can be used as a party favor), and additional time to celebrate in our studio. Children/Teens are encouraged to explore and discover the mind and body in a safe and enjoyable way. They are given the opportunity to express themselves freely through art, and the art of yoga. Children/Teens will have the opportunity to explore greater concentration, awareness, and cooperation through carefully guided yoga based play activities. We are certain they will leave with a smile on their face, a sense of accomplishment, and a renewed sense of wellbeing, from the inside out!
Recommended for ages 8 and up.
Please email for pricing

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required in order to reserve a date and time for your child’s yoga party. At least 5 days in advance of party date, Yoga 4 Kids will request the final number children attending. You will be responsible for the number reserved. Parents supply food, drinks, paper goods, decorations, cake and party favors.

Contact us for pricing, questions, and to schedule!

Make it an OMazing celebration of life and growth with Yoga 4 Kids!


We also host Private Kids Events & Parties and Girl Scout Events!


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Yoga 4 Kids is a unique yoga studio for kids only! Our yoga teachers are licensed clinical therapists. Our philosophy is that kids require to be “Healthy From The Inside Out!”

At Yoga 4 Kids, our yoga classes are infused with empowerment, mindfulness, breath work and social skills.

We empower kids to be the best version of themselves through challenging yoga poses, self-awareness, managing stress through breath work, and cooperation in working together and group work.

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